De gillende keukenprins (The screaming kitchenprince)

De gillende keukenprins – by Arjen Veldt

When talking about producing, watch this guy. He bakes a pancake by drumming and playing piano. He invented his own machine to produce the music and the pancake. You can see the product exist. It is funny and a bit crazy, but I think it also marks something you see more often nowadays. Designers -or in this case musician/cook- produce a small machine themselves. This way they create something very unique. 



Hey, you are landed on my blog! Here I write about everything I see and hear, related to the subject: The power of making. The focus will be on the changing relationship between consumers (people), producers and products. For years, producers tell people what products to buy. They tried to persuade people to buy their stuff, by giving them arguments to buy a specific product. We bought on and on. But now, things are slightly changing. We are suffering with problems like mass consumption and of course the crisis. Because of the internet and the easy of travel, we know more about the circumstances where our products are made in. Fabrics in the far east for example, where children work on our needs.  More and more people realize that this is not how it should be. We also realize that the welfare (as in: property) we had the last few years, might not be there for the next generations. That sounds horrible to some people, but you can think of positive consequences. If the focus is not on buying and gain more property, then the focus will be on something else. Maybe meaningful living, social relationships, a combination or something else. But we always need some products, so that is why it is interesting to investigate what is going to happen between producers, people and products. How are we going to deal with our changing world and our existing habits? And what does that mean for the branding of products? I keep you posted about what I discover.